Monday, March 8, 2010

Refurbish your Cricut Mats

you may have heard about the Crafter's companion "Stick Away" and "Stick and Spray" solution to extending the life of your mats. I am confirming this WORKS! I ordered them both back in December, got the Stick & spray right away but the Stick Away the removes all the yucky stuff from your mat and creates a smooth surface ready for new adhesive has been on back order until last week. I FINALLY got a chance to use these products. They are super easy to use and it really does work. The gals at Custom Crops says you can refurbish your mats 48 times with just 1 can of each. I can't confirm that but I can confirm that it takes only a couple of minutes for the process from beginning to end. While waiting for my backorder I became impatient and tried to use a Krylon adhesive remover and not only did it take the yuck from my mat it also was so strong it took all the lines and everything else off. The Stick Away is perfect it removes only what you want and leaves your cricut grid lines. I'll keep track of how many times I get to refurbish with the 1 can of each and keep you posted ;)

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